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We are a branch of We Care Act, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to engaging youth in community service and increasing social mobility.

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At WCA New York, we are dedicated to engaging students in community service and increasing social mobility. In an increasingly digitized world, our mission is to directly help underprivileged students gain an equal footing in their education by providing them with electronic devices, skills in digital literacy, and coding experience.

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Source: 2018 Texas Environmental Excellence Awards

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As part of our Life Initiative for Technology (LIFT) program, we've recycled more than 14,000 pounds of electronics and led environmental events to spread awareness about the problem of electronic waste. At the moment, only 15-20% of electronics are recycled, causing excessive toxic runoff in landfills that aren't designed to handle the unique, harmful chemicals of modern-day technology.
As part of our Life Initiative for Technology (LIFT) program, we've distributed more than 1,000 electronics (Kindles, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.) to students, schools, and communities across the globe from the Houston Refugee Center to schools in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua. We typically pair these donations with digital literacy courses to ensure that the beneficiaries of our donations are able to effectively use the technology.
Having started out as a disaster relief organization, We Care Act has been involved in providing relief in 21 natural disasters. We've raised tens of thousands of dollars to distribute directly to people to affected communities as well as distributed thousands of relief items (books, toiletries, stuffed animals, etc). For example, our Letters to Japan project (after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan) coordinated the sending of 5,000+ support letters and 1,500+ paper cranes to affected students.