Disaster Relief

Our organization found its beginnings in disaster relief and providing food, clothing, and more to victims of natural disasters.

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Our latest initiative involves engaging our community.

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Life Initiative For Technology

We Care Act has recycled more than 14,000+ pounds of electronics.

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donated in funds and in-kind donations

1,000 electronics

distributed around the world

14,000 pounds

of electronics recycled

21 disasters

that We Care Act has provided relief for

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Why join us?

The people

Introduce yourself to our hard-working members and leaders! Expand your network and make new friends.

The community

Make a positive impact on your community. Joining us is a great way to expose yourself to issues around NYC and be part of the effort to help!

The experience

Big things often have small beginnings. Contributing to our organization is a good way to get a leadership role in the future!

Change a life

Donate now

Today, nearly 200,000 students attending New York City’s public schools lack the funding and resources they need to achieve their goals. By donating, you can help eliminate a barrier that prevents them from unlocking their full potential. 100% of proceeds from your donations will go toward providing underprivileged children with technological resources such as e-readers, laptops, books, textbooks, and more.

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Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns. We'd love to hear from you!

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